The LK Window Cleaning

If you’re like most homeowners out there you either don’t have time or don’t like to clean windows. Window cleaning is frustrating, time consuming, and can be dangerous if it’s not done carefully. The LK Cleaning Services is full service cleaning company that will also clean your mirrors, chandeliers, ceiling fans and even your shower.Our services are designed to meet the needs of everyone at reasonable prices. We are committed to pay attention to detail and quality even if it requires a little more time. We go the extra mile to gain the confidence and trust of our customers. Our services are not limited to just windows either. We clean it all!

How We Clean Your Windows

    • We start off by removing all screens and storms


    • Furniture will be moved if in the way


    • We begin by cleaning the outside of your windows first. (We prefer to do this so when we go inside, we can face out and make sure we did not leave any streaks, smears,etc).


    • In the process of cleaning all windows we will use a soft strip washer, squeegee and a concentrated window cleaning solution.


    • We use a scraper to get off paint overspray, and bug marks


    • After the outside windows are done, we will then move inside and repeat the process.


    • We hand wash both sides of your screens with a soft bristle brush using biodegradable soap and water then dry with an all cotton cloth.


  • To finish up, we will put all of your furniture back in its place.